7 days trek though Hoang Lien National Park to Ban Ho valley

Year Round

7 days


$ 419/pax

This tour will involve you in the 7-day adventure of exploring one of the most beautiful parts in Sapa areas. Joining this tour, you will have the chance to enjoy the beauty of valleys under the protection of Hoang Lien mountain range. You will also be able to meet and participate in the everyday activities of the local ethnic minorities in Sapa, such as the Tay, Xa Pho and Red Dao people.

  • Enjoy an exciting tour of trekking through hill-tribe villages, such as Cat Cat, Y Linh Ho, Ta Van, Seomity, Den Thang, Ta Trung Ho, Nam Toong, My Son, Muong Bo, etc
  • Discover and learn more about the traditional culture and everyday life of the Red Dao, Tay and Xa Pho ethnic people
  • Engage in the daily activities of the locals
  • Experience a challenging trekking journey but worth involving
  • Experience campsite nearby a river
  • Marvel at the stunning views of natural mountainous landscapes
  • Experience home-stay in the local Black Hmong and Red Dao family
  • Photo shooting opportunity


  • English speaking guide
  • Black Hmong porters (to carry food and luggage)
  • Cook (from group sizes of 6 pax)
  • All needed transport
  • All indicated meals, plus snacks (B as breakfast; L as lunch; D as dinner)
  • Water on the whole trip
  • Sleeping bag and mattresses
  • Waterproof bluebag for luggage
  • Tents if needed
  • Mosquito net
  • All entrance fees and permit
  • Overnight in local house or tent


  • Personal Pocket Money
  • Soft drink (beer, coca cola…)
  • Insurance
  • All other services not indicated above
  • Day 1 Sapa - Cat Cat - Y Linh Ho – Tavan (L, D)

    At the departure time, you will be greeted and picked up at your hotel’s lobby by a local guide and a driver.

    Your tour will start by leaving the busy town behind and trekking through the market. After a while, you will go on a road downhill to head to Cat Cat village village which is located in a beautiful valley only about 3 kilometers from Sapa town. 

    Upon your arrival here, you will stop for a while to enjoy the beauty of a waterfall and a hydroelectric station. You can enjoy beautiful landscape and scenery as well as fresh air along the road.

    Then, you will trek through the mountain on another trail to Y Linh Ho village where Black Hmong people are living. You have to be noted that the trail can be slippery during rainy season from Cat Cat to Y Linh Ho. Here, you will have a chance to observe and learn more about interesting daily life and activities of these ethnic minority people. In addition, you will have the chance to see and marvel at the beauty of rice paddy terraces there.

    You will stay in the village for a rest and enjoying a nice lunch served nearby the river.

    After lunchtime, you start the afternoon program by trekking to Muong Hoa valley. En route, you will pass through Lao Chai village of Black Hmong minority and then Tavan village of Giay minority by following a very popular trekking route. Coming here, you can walk around the village to enjoy the stunning view of the valley and enjoy a refreshing swimming in the river nearby. 

    You will experience an overnight in a local house of the Giay ethnic people.

  • Day 2 Tavan - Seomity (B, L, D)

    After having breakfast, you will start the second day’s trekking adventure, which is mostly uphill until lunchtime. Whenever you stop for a rest, you will be able to enjoy the stunning view of the valley. So don’t forget to keep your camera handy to capture these fantastic images.

    Before noon, you stop at a nice spot for lunch.

    After having lunch and a short rest, a will start the afternoon program. The trekking journey will be easier in the afternoon, but the sceneries are even more beautiful. You will pass by Seomity village which is inhabited by the Black Hmong ethnic minority people before arriving at a campsite, which locates nearby a river outside the village. While porters are putting up tents and cooking dinner, you can take a walk to stretch the legs and relax.

  • Day 3 Seomity – Den Thang - Ta Trung Ho (B, L, D)

    The third day’s program will take you through beautiful and charming rice fields and over old suspension bridges. 

    From Seomitry village, you will start your trekking on a small trail and through a rainforest. 

    By noon, you will arrive at Den Thang village inhabited by Black Hmong people. Here, you will stop for lunch. You can choose the place for lunch, either by a river or in a local school according to the weather.

    After lunch and a short break, you will continue trekking on a tougher route with small footpath. You will have to be very attentive on the way to ensure your safety.

    Then, you will reach Ta Trung Ho village where Red Dao ethnic minority people are living. You will spend time strolling around the village, talking and playing with the locals in the village. You will spend a night in the cosy and hospitable atmosphere of the Red Dao people there.

  • Day 4 Ta Trung Ho - Nam Toong – My Son – Muong Bo (B, L, D)

    On the day 4, you will have an early breakfast at Ta Trung Ho village before starting the other trekking adventure. You will start from the fringe of the rain forest situated by the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. And for your information, Fansipan, which is considered the roof of Indochina with its height of 3140m, is local on this mountain range as well.

    You will trek uphill to reach Nam Toong village where the Red Dao ethnic minority people are living. Coming here, you will be shown around the village by the locals. Your lunch will be prepared and serve in a local school in the village.

    After lunchtime, you will continue the afternoon program by trekking downhill to the valley where the My Son village of Xa Pho minority is situated. This is regarded as one of the smallest ethnic groups in Northern Vietnam.

    Leaving this village, you will walk to Thanh Phu village inhabited by the Tay ethnic people. Here, you will spend a night in a traditional house of Tay people. You can walk around and explore the village, observe the everyday activities of the locals; and then, enjoy a delicious meal served with typical and tasty Vietnamese dishes.

    Your day 4’s program ends.

  • Day 5 Muong Bo - Nam Cum – Sin Chai (B, L, D)

    The 5th day’s trek will be quite short and short, yet the sceneries are still beautiful.

    After having breakfast, you will leave Muong Bo village for Nam Cum.

    You will go on a trail built on the bottom of the valley. Here, you will enjoy the most fantastic view over the surrounding mountains.

    You will find a nice spot and stop there for lunch.

    After lunch, you start the afternoon program by walking toward Sin Chai village where the Red Dao ethnic minority group are living.

    Once you come here, you will spend time walking around the village, observing, participating in and learning about the daily activities of the locals here.

    You will spend an overnight in a local house.

  • Day 6 Sin Chai – Nam Nhiu – Nam Than – Nam Sai (B, L, D)

    At about 8:00 am, after having breakfast, you will leave Sin Chai B village to start the day 5’s adventure.

    This trekking route will take you through some small hill tribe villages inhabited by some ethnic minorities, such as the Red dao, Tay, Xafo and Black Hmong ones.

    En route, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic sceneries of Nam Sai and Nam Cang valleys. In addition, passing by and paying visits to the hill tribe villages, you can observe and learn more about the daily activities, traditions and customs of the ethnic minority people in remote areas of Sapa.

    The final destination of the second day’s journey is Nam Sai village of the Tay people. Coming here, you will firstly check in the homestay; then, having a short rest and enjoy an easy walk around the village to explore this tranquil and charming village.

    You will spend an overnight in the homestay.

  • Day 7 Nam Sai – Nam Sang – Thanh Phu bridge – Sapa (B, L)

    On day 7, after having breakfast, you will leave Nam Sai village to continue the trekking adventure.

    You will trek downhill to reach Nam Sang village where the Xa Pho ethnic minority people are living.

    Coming here, you will experience a very interesting way of exploring the everyday activities of the local by paying visits to the local families. The Xa Pho ethnic group is one of the smallest ones in Sapa with the whole population of approximately 4000 people. This is a sub group of the Phu La ethnic group.

    Leaving Nam Sang, you will continue the trip by following the trails sneaking through mountain. You will then reach Thanh Phu village.

    Once you arrive at the Thanh Phu Bridge there, you will get on a car to back to Sapa.

    The tour ends when you arrive at Sapa.

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